Sunday, March 25, 2012

We All Need the Occasional Break

I spend a lot of my life around hockey.

My day job is in hockey, my portfolio-building media work is primarily in hockey, I volunteer with special hockey (although not nearly as often as I'd like), and I periodically bemoan the fact that I need to start working games as an on-ice official more regularly.  You could say I don't get out much.

As a result, I try to make a point of doing *something* non-hockey every once in a while to give my mind a break.  Well, I intend to.  It doesn't always happen as often as I'd like.  But after Friday night's game, I stopped at the theater next to Verizon Center and saw The Hunger Games.  I don't expect the film will win an Oscar, but it was definitely worth my $12 for the mental vacation.

Granted, between work & other-work, I'm particularly buried at the moment.  On the journalism side of things, I'm in the midst of a five games in seven nights stretch (3 Hershey, 2 Capitals).  Hershey's won both so far; Washington lost to the Jets just to keep things interesting.  My gut feeling is that the Caps will make the playoffs, but half the fanbase will have ulcers by the time they get eliminated (that being said, I'm a firm believer that second season is a fresh start, so... Anything can happen, if you make it in the door).

On the rec hockey side of things, playoffs kicked off last Sunday.  That means higher tensions amongst the teams, and OT/Shootouts in the games.  Cue running behind schedule for two weeks straight, and a boatload of roster-related headaches.  It's always fun explaining to an angry man in full hockey gear how the rules clearly state something, and are available online for ALL TO SEE, so yes, it applies to him, too.

*Sigh* People.

So the movie was totally good for me, even if it meant being out until 3AM on Friday night.  I've picked up a copy of the trilogy, since I'm curious to see how well the source material handled the medium-crossing.  If I can actually sit down and get a chance to read, I should be done with it in a few days.  We'll see.

In defense of my late night out, Saturday was my first chance at sleeping in for over a week.  My roommate's been sick-and-living-on-the-couch ever since she got back into town last Sunday, and thus she's been trashing my normal schedule by existing (it sounds petty.  It might be.  But she kept trying to be nice and adjust the household schedule in ways that weren't actually as helpful as they seemed, and as a result I'm behind on both sleep and everything else).

Cue the perpetual sprint to catch up with life.  Take 37.  Hope things are treating the rest of you well!

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