Monday, March 5, 2012

Attempting to Catch Up On Life (AHL, ECHL, Personal)

Every so often, I start losing time in my life.  It drives me nuts.

Drop a week here, skip a day there - it always adds up faster than it should.  It's something I've struggled with since my second & third concussions, and it gets worse when I work a 7-day schedule.  Then, the days really blur together.  14 days without a breather of any kind didn't do great things to my sanity, I'll admit that.  A lot has gone on in the 6 weeks since I've poked my head out of the sand here on RTC, and most of it has been good.

I'm well aware that I've missed my shot at going into detail regarding many of the events in the recent period, so instead I'll sum things up below the jump.  Contemporary thoughts will be forthcoming separately.

Chris Bourque, Keith Aucoin, & Boyd Kane of Team East.
All Photos Credit: M. Richter
AHL All Star Classic: Check.
- Attended on behalf of Capitals Outsider, and published several follow-up articles for them on the event (Skills Comp, Game, Mascots!).  Great to see 3 Hershey Bears in the lineup (see photo @ left).
- Got some great shots at both the Skills Competition and the ASG itself.
Ms. Conduct used one of my Aeros shots for an article over on Hockey Wilderness!
- Recorded a guest appearance on the Power Play Post-Show (thanks, guys!)
- Met some fantastic people, both professionals and fans.
Garrett Mitchell & Christian Hanson compare jersey notes.
Chocolate Covered February: Check.
February is always fun times in Hershey, PA - even when the Bears have an off-month and drop five games in a row.  Giant Center participates in a town/corporation-wide event that runs throughout the month, distributing chocolate at the end of every Bears home game.  Some games needed it more than others.

In addition, Hershey does the Specialty Jersey thing with an occasionally disturbing regularity, so there were Hershey Kisses jerseys for Valentine's Day.

The best news of the month, however, has to be that the Bears managed to defeat the WBS Penguins for the first time in 10 games at Giant Center.  That win brought an enormous sense of relief, and bought the team a bit of breathing room - something that can never be undervalued in a market that's so accustomed to winning.
Philipp Grubauer, Goaltender Extraordinaire, visited from SC this Sunday.
ECHL Ridiculousness: Check.
The South Carolina Stingrays made the mainstream media (well, Puck Daddy, which is as mainstream as it gets South of the 49th), and over an officiating issue, no less!  Also, Philipp Grubauer got called up for this past weekend's segment of the Great Goalie Shuffle (Capitals Edition).  He looked very spiffy in his SC Stingrays Mask/Pads & Hershey Jersey!

Personal Hockey: Check.
Still a blueliner.  My women's team has a mixed record at this point, and since I'm splitting my season I've been hit-or-miss with my own attendance.  But we have fun, and that's the main point.  Having a bit of an awkward stretch of luck right now, in that that every time I have a game on this one particular rink I end up injured.  First, I busted my tailbone (bone bruises?  Not so awesome).  Then last week I caught a hip check wrong and nailed my head on the boards going down.  Ended up with a low-grade concussion, which was just what I needed this month.

At least I've had enough to know the signs, and how to handle it in the aftermath.  It's never a good thing when you realize you can't function with the TV on quietly in the background, or that the headaches you've been chewing Advil over aren't just a result of exhaustion & muscle strain.  That's mostly better, at least, but it was definitely a factor in me falling off the grid so atrociously.

Overall Status: Swamped, But Surviving.
AHL Clear Day today, NHL Trade Deadline last Monday, Playoffs starting in just over a month.  I'd say I'm hoping things will calm down a bit, but I like to at least pretend to be a realist.  So let's be honest, I'll settle for no major personal life crises.

Oh, and for Tuukka Rask's groin/abdominal issue to be resolved ASAP - that would be fantastic. [/Momentary Lapse Into Fandom]

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