Thursday, April 5, 2012

Culinary Adventures, AHL-Style (A Summer Project)

Last weekend, the Hershey Bears Wives & Girlfriends put the first batch of a 2011-2 Bears Cookbook on sale.  They're selling another (larger) batch this coming weekend, for a total of 800.  If you're handy in the kitchen, there are some interesting recipes included (and it's fun to flip through and try to infer things from who submitted what (or got their wife/mother to submit for them)).  However, many of them are a bit light on the instructions, so an idea of what you're doing is essential.

I've been needing to get more active in the kitchen - it's relaxing, and you always feel like you've accomplished something at the end of the day.  Enough of the recipes in the cookbook looked like fun that I'm embarking on a summer project that's only peripherally related to hockey- I'm going to cook my way through the book.  I'll have to give away large portions of the dessert batches at work, but it'll be worth it if I come away with a few good "keeper" recipes.  Not a Julie & Julia situation, just someone intrigued by the idea of Czech Crepes and Death By Garlic.

I'll be recording the results here (including photos), though not the recipes themselves - if you want those, you need to pick up the cookbook yourself.  I figure it'll give me something to do with this blog that's reasonably light content and still forces me to update regularly.  I was recently promoted to Co-Editor over on Capitals Outsider, and that was the final straw when it comes to throwing up my hands over here.  I had a couple of "serious" posts that I'd been planning to post, most notably relating to You Can Play, but it looks like that's also going to end up on Caps Outsider for practical reasons.

There will still be odds & ends relating to women's league/officiating/off-ice officiating & rink administration, because I need a place to air opinions and beer league anecdotes that's not my primary press gig.  There may be the occasional well-researched odds & ends, but (like Other_M_Ann) this is shifting over toward more personal and less professional.  I've got 2 weeks off from the rink due to the break in seasons, and I'm going to use it to update/clean up the aesthetics, tags, format, etc here on RTC.

Thanks (as always) to any who've wandered through!

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