Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Days, Two Months, Same Difference, Right?

Right after my declaration of intent to get regular posts up and running, I proceeded to get promoted at one of the rinks I work for.  They asked me to take over most of the administration for the adult rec leagues, with a new season starting in roughly two weeks.

My entire online life (and ability to watch hockey) vanished like the dinosaurs.

Right around the time that was settling down (and the sprain in my MCL was finally healing up), I got promoted at the other rink I work at as well.  While they're both (mostly) good stress, it's still stress and lost time.  I also broke from Formerly-G9 over creative differences (I wasn't the only one).  I'm going to be doing team/game commentary again, because I enjoyed it (and it was informative for me), but that won't be starting until late June.  At that point, Red Line Roughing should be going live under its own steam.

My editors at both Puck 'N Hockey and Something's Bruin have both been incredibly understanding of the mess my life suddenly became.  I'm in the process of getting back underway in my work with them, as well.

This blog will continue to function primarily as a hub-spot for my other posted work, as well as a site for interesting rec-league and scorekeeping anecdotes.  I appreciate the patience of anyone who still occasionally stops in; aside from the playoffs, there shouldn't be undue drama from this corner in the near future.  Just hockey.

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