Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time flies, but it sure has fun along the way.

In my last post (somewhere around the time that dinosaurs were debating the benefits of feathers - Spoiler Alert: Velociraptors taste like chicken!), I mentioned that I had another potential writing gig in the works.  I've since confirmed that one, and picked up a third.  In between, I strained my MCL, so I've been a benched (and cranky) zebra on top of it all.  I believe the concise description would be "busy."

The Good News:
I've recently been picked up as a contributor for Puck 'N Hockey and snagged the slot as the Capitals writer for the emerging all-women's G9 Sports network.  I'll be cross-posting links over here as articles go up, so to clear the backlog:

The Less-Good News
Jumping onboard and getting sorted out with all of the above has been hectic, and as a result this blog crashed and burned a bit.  However, now that I'm getting settled into a routine and sorting out my posting deadlines, I should have a bit more flexibility when it comes to getting my posts here up.  If nothing else, the regular posts to the other blogs will force me to write updates over here just to cross-post the links.

Rec League News
Last night we called the paramedics for the first time since I've been working in the scorekeeper's box (certainly not the first injury, but the first one where we've had the not-quite disgruntled firemen come wandering in from the elevators to assess someone's potentially dislocated knee).  That was exciting, and to add dark humor to irony, I was in the process of taking an online test for the Emergency Medical Responder class I'm taking precisely on the chance that something like this should happen.

Off to said class now, actually, and then back to the beer leagues.  Stay warm!

Edit: I'm going to be covering the Extreme Recess Hockey Clinic being put on tomorrow by the Washington Capitals and Dreams for Kids DC for Puck 'N Hockey.  Given my Special Hockey volunteer work, this should be an awesome experience.  Looking forward to it!

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