Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Off-Season. Hey, When Did That Happen?

Between picking up a new hockey director at Rink #1 and a general promotion at Rink #2, coupled with running up to Boston for a few playoff games, I fell almost completely off the grid in the last couple of months.  I've been working my way back, and unfortunately, RtC was at the bottom of the priority list when it came to catching up and getting the groove back on.

Life As I Know It:
I'm still writing the Community Hockey Beat for Puck 'N Hockey, and the occasional Officiating Commentary for Something's Bruin.  I'm still working various levels of management at 2 regional rinks.  I'm still logging hours as an off-ice official, and the occasional game as an on-ice official (hopefully to increase with the start of the next season).

I'm still actively following and cheering for several NHL and AHL teams, albeit at different levels of seriousness.  I've even kept up on the draft & trade shenanigans.  This year has been a hell of a learning curve for me, but I like to think I've come out the far side a better writer for it.

What it Means for RtC:
I'm legitimately hoping to ease back into a regular posting schedule for RtC over the summer.  Surprisingly, the DC Metro Area is rather active when it comes to hockey, so there's always something to talk about.  Now that things have settled down in my own life, expect to hear more about them with regularity.

I'll also be cross-linking articles that go up at SB and PNH, since this is my personal blog for the moment.  I may eventually shift things over to Red Line Roughing, but we'll see how that shakes out before I make any concrete decisions.

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