Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I've Done/Things in the Works - 20 January Edition

This will probably be a semi-regular feature, as this blog evolves.  A combination of link-spam for the articles I've published in the last week on other blogs, known upcoming posts on this blog, and general bits and pieces from my life.

Things I've Done:

My articles with Something's Bruin have started to go up.  They're titled "The Ref's POV," and should be publishing on a biweekly basis.  The second goes live sometime today: The Blame Game

Other accomplishments of the week include surviving the Congressional something-or-other without freezing to death (I worked 18 games in 3 days, although only 12 were tournament games), and spending half an hour serving as FAQ for an entire section of the bleachers at Caps practice during my break on Monday.

I always find those experiences disconcerting, because I'm fairly certain that I don't know all that much (my default Caps game co-attendee always laughs when I say that, because I'm how she keeps up on the hockey world, but there are levels of knowledge).

To follow up on that experience, last night I had a woman stick her head into my scorebox at 10PM wanting details on Caps practices.  Apparently I exude 411 vibes?  It's a valid theory - I've been asked for directions by random people on the street in almost every city and country I've visited (the two exceptions being Japan and Egypt).

Things in the Works:

A "Support/Disprove" post regarding hockey parents, which will serve as a follow up to my initial rambling assessment.  As is often the case, more research has proved elements on both sides of the argument.

Something involving another hockey blog, which I'll say more about once the first entry publishes.

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