Monday, January 3, 2011

Hit the Road. It Hit Back. Story of My Life.

Took a quick road trip up to Boston over the weekend for a Winter Classic viewing party and some socializing.  I had a blast, as I expected to, and had the surprisingly genuine pleasure of watching the game with a Pens fan who shares my approach to hockey fandom (Hockey First, Team Second, and remember that everyone's human, eh?).

While up in New England, I also caught the Manchester Monarchs/Providence Bruins game, and I'm shooting to have a write-up on the reffing involved done in the next few days for Something's Bruin (no idea if they'll use it, but if they don't, expect it to show up over here).

Today I played catch-up from the 20 hours of driving and 16 hours of drinking that were necessitated by the event (or, let's be honest, 16 hours of socializing and about 2 hours of drinking - my liver's just not that above-average).  Tomorrow I'm back to classes (winter session First Responder training, because I don't know how to take time off, apparently), and also back to the rink.

There's been a management shift over the holiday break regarding the scorekeepers that makes me a bit uncomfortable, but we'll see how things shake out.  I'm currently in the process of making it clear just how much they failed to train me initially, and the problems that Pointstreak manifests when one is dealing with a sketchy internet connection, so I may or may not suddenly be the new supervisor's least favorite person in a hurry.  Worst case, I end up swapping the majority of my hours to my other rink if things don't go well, but that would be a shame.

It's 2011, everyone.  Welcome back to the grind!

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