Monday, January 10, 2011

All About the Angles (Spectator's Edition)

As is to be expected, given that the thing with Something's Bruin is a go (did I mention I'm ridiculously excited about that?  No?  Right, moving on), I've started paying a lot more attention to referees-who-are-not-me.  It should be a simple thing, right?  Organize the schedule, log some dedicated hours watching televised games, pay attention to what's going on on the ice when I'm at work.

As I'm sure we all know, it's never actually that easy.  For one thing, when they televise NHL games, the cameras follow that little matte black dot known as a puck.  This means that, at any given time, you're lucky to catch sight of one member of the four man crew.  It makes tracking referee movement difficult, to put it nicely.

Does anyone know how the streamed AHL games stack up?  I suspect they're not better than the NHL in terms of full-rink/larger picture aspects, but the low budget might actually work in my favour on this one.

Spending five days a week in the scorekeeper's box should help the situation.  It does.  And if you haven't spent time in the scorekeeper's box, it probably looks like a great view of the ice.  It is.  Right up until you try to see what's going on along the near-side boards anywhere outside of the Neutral Zone.  At that point, you can kiss your view (and the muscles in your neck) goodbye.

Granted, when it comes to refwork analysis, the games I work (both on and off the ice) tend to be two man crews, so they're useful for very different reasons.

Next project, getting caught up on writing assignments and tracking down an operating budget for the NHL.

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