Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Intent =/= Follow Through. *Reboots Life*

I've been absent (for which I apologize, though it was rather unavoidable), but I haven't been idle.

Since my initial post, I have managed to:

A. Come down with a walking pneumonia (for a month, because I'm talented that way).
B. Get involved with the NoVa Cool Cats (a "special teams" hockey program) as a volunteer referee.
C. Ref my first "official" game (wow, wasn't that a disaster?).
D. Figure out how to effectively execute Mohawks and 3-Point Turns.
E. Get trained and scheduled as a scorekeeper at a second rink (new & different PointStreak interfaces! Alternate clock interfaces! Both more and less complicated than it sounds!)
F. Snag a possible writing slot with Something's Bruin regarding changes and tendencies in the AHL refereeing system, with an emphasis on the New England teams and Eastern Conference.  We'll see how that pans out.

Despite the radio silence, I'm going to call things a win.  Happy Holidays, All!

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