Saturday, November 13, 2010

Statement of Intent

I've tried the blogging thing a time or two in the past, but the posts always seem to peter out (mostly because my schedule is vaguely frightening - and possibly sentient - and I don't honestly have a terribly unique perspective on most matters).  So we're going to take this project under advisement, and see if anything comes of it.

Eight months ago, I started skating (with the eventual plan of becoming a hockey player).  Three months ago, I landed a job as a scorekeeper/timekeeper at one of the local rinks as a way to get more familiar & comfortable with beer league hockey.  Two days ago I attended a referee training seminar, and I've passed my written exam to receive my Level One certification.  I'm hoping to start reffing games in January.

I'm going to use this blog to talk about my experiences as a new ref & as a scorekeeper in the beer leagues, and provide a little rule clarification and other-side-of-the-glass perspective.  Being a ref and a scorekeeper is a role I share with a great many men and women in North America (I think the estimate is 2700 refs in the Southeastern District of USA Hockey alone?), so I am by no means unique, but by being female I *am* in the distinct minority.

Of 70 L1 hopefuls at the seminar on Thursday, I was one of two females.  I saw one other female who was part of the upper-level training sessions.  I've thusfar met exactly one female ref who was ranked L3 or above.

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