Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Feel Like We've Had This Discussion Before...

One of the biggest problems I run into with self-motivated online publication is juggling a few too many balls, because the minute that something I owe someone else comes due, my own for-fun projects go out the window.  While RTC isn't exactly for fun, it's also not published on a deadline for the people who provide my credentials (or related to my paycheck), so it drops down the list like a stone.

I apologize for that - not for the priority allocation, but for having been naive enough to try to set timetables when I was still unsure how many things I was juggling in my life.  That's calmed down, and I know what the next year and change is likely to bring, so I'm in a much better place to address it now.

I'm trying to be good about only making resolutions that I'm likely to keep (some years, I just forgo the whole process because I'm so busy around the Gregorian calendar shift).  Therefore, one of my few resolutions for the coming year involves getting myself onto a regular posting schedule over here.  The others involve opening my mouth in the locker room more than I do now (read: not at all) and putting together a brag sheet to accompany RTC.  In honor of what dragged me into sports media in the first place, the "organized and presentable" date for the blog overhaul is ASG weekend.

Written Words!
I'd do a link dump and cross-promotion, but I think there's some ridiculously high number of new entries up over on Capitals Outsider since the last time I did one of those.  Therefore, if you'd like to catch up on what I've been doing in minors coverage, you can find it here.

I also picked up a new camera at a Black Friday sale, so I'm slowly branching into some better quality photography to go with the Bears & Stingrays coverage.  I'll be getting things better organized with that, as well, over the next few weeks.  But for the moment, general Caps & Bears photos can be found in a pseudo-organized clump over on my flickr: M_Ann.

Hope everything has been going well around the blogosphere, and a Happy Gregorian New Year to anyone who happens to stumble across this blog before the next post goes up!

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