Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monthly Link Dump: Up & At 'Em in Hershey

For the record, home renovation kills way more of your life than you ever think it will.  I cannot put into words how happy I am to have a working washroom again.

In more interesting news, I just concluded my first month of minors coverage with Capitals Outsider.  For geographical reasons, that means I'm spending quite a bit of time up in Hershey (and following the Stingrays at a distance).

Obligatory Monthly Link-dump:

Thusfar in Hershey they've managed to:

In addition, the Caps have proven Hockey 'N Heels even more popular than it was last year, and the LA Kings came to town.

Got a couple of Community Hockey posts in the pipeline with Puck 'N Hockey, so expect legitimate action on that front again in the near future as well.

In officiating news, the good men and women at USA Hockey have apparently lost their minds, and I received notice that I passed my closed book test and have been moved up to Level 2 this year.  I foresee death and destruction.

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